It’s not enough to hang your painting and keep it clean and dry. Professionals know that certain conditions can keep your priced painting in optimum condition for more than ten years. Plus no one wants a devalue on their investment, after all that’s what artworks are.

Ever wonder why Art galleries maintain a specific atmospheric condition all year round and have the most sought-after pieces arranged in a certain way. Well, yeah. It’s not just for effect. Your Art dealer probably won’t tell you this. 

Paintings not stored in canvas-friendly conditions tend to get a cracked surface or even some yellowing and mold growing behind the painting. When this happens, it’s a sign you haven’t put your painting in the best conditions. 

Asides from keeping your Artwork clean and dust-free always, a painted canvas thrives better in a room with 40-50% humidity. This translates to somewhere between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight and only hang paintings on interior walls. Keep artworks away from heaters, vents, and air conditioning outlets. Also, be sure to carry out regular checks. Occasionally, take a close look at your painting and record any difference in texture, look, feel and smell. With this, you can tell first-hand when something is not quite right.

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Best room temperature to increase the lifespan of your painting 

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