Creativity starts with an instinct, a feeling from deep within, by which every craftsman decides his crafts. Either as a gift from nature or acquired by choice, having a skill comes first for creatives.  You need to have that basic ability to do that which you call your craft. 

Intuition, however, is what differentiates your skill in a pool of other equally gifted artisans. Because of the nature and scope of work, artists use the part of the brain not often used by non-artists. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Artists see things differently. That’s what makes artworks unique. You could have eleven equally gifted people duplicate an image and each one would differ.
  • To be deemed creative, you must master the art of following where your instinct leads. Every form of ink on canvas is a part of your creative process. Every try artist knows this
  • Exceptionally gifted people have the extraordinary ability to focus where others falter. When you truly believe in yourself, you know you are doing just what matters to you in your guts. Surprisingly, for every seemingly confusing piece of artwork, there’s is a collector who understands
  • To an artist, time is relative. As long as you have that feeling in your guts, urging you forward while laboring on your latest creation, time is fleeting. Until the very last Threestroke of the brush, the artist belongs only to his canvas.
  • Science depicts there is a part of the brain where emotions, feelings, and instincts are created as a result of some chemical reaction happening in your head. Yeah, when you have an unshakable feeling in the pit of your stomach, it’s your organs at work. Data shows that artists use more of that part of their brain, compared to the rest of us.
Five Reasons Artists Are Relatively More Intuitive Than Non-artists

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