Let’s say you decide to add a touch of personality to your home or work area, and you’re convinced an Artwork is going to give just the effect you want. So you order a beautifully framed custom piece. That’s wonderful!

So, the latest addition to your collection arrives in a few days. While you’re moving things around and preparing for the up-do to your apartment, your imagination is filled with images of how cool your crib is about to get. 

Wait, you’ve got just the right spot to hang your Artwork. Or not? There are a few things to consider when fitting art in your home. First, you have to decide what part of your home works best. Be it a living area, dining room, bedroom, or just down the hall, these factors will help you pick the perfect wall;

  • Size: it’s a general rule that Artwork should take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the available wall space. Whether above the furniture or between windows, it has to be centered proportionately for the best effect. Also aim for fifty to sixty inches above the floor, at eye level for dimensional pieces.


  • Go big: when it comes to buying Art, the larger the better. When in doubt, buy the biggest size. And if you’re smitten with a  small-sized custom, it usually works to buy three or more different pieces and hang them on one part of the wall giving a cluster effect. Kind of like the art wall in your favorite gallery.Do a test-hang: hanging artworks doesn’t have to be boring. Invite friends over for a hang-party. You can show off your brand new piece ( If you got just one)  and try it out on different wall spaces and positions in your home. Take pictures of each pose, share with your friends and have them vote which looks better and where. Most importantly, have fun!
How to choose the perfect Artwork for your space

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