Interior accessories are an integral part of a design scheme because they make your space come alive and add texture and form. Think of them as icing on the cake.

While planning to combine accessories for best effect, there are certain things to remember


  • Not just eye candy. They can as well be functional in their forms like vases, books, and bowls
  • Make a budget. When making a list for redecoration, it’s important to make a budget for accessories. Otherwise, they tend to take the back seat. Not good for your design.
  • Tell your story. Look through your collection of old items or objects that have a touch of your personality and add that into the mix. Combine unique objects to achieve a harmony that suits your style just fine.
  • Be extra. Don’t buy accessories because they look good in any space, aim for objects that reflect your style and taste.
  • Don’t clutter your space with meaningless objects. Be stylish, think outside the box but be careful not to pile up not-so-useful items
  • Don’t use objects that are too unified or similar, else you end up with a robotic, unnatural look.
  • Try not to overwhelm small spaces with large objects/accessories to avoid a crampy look.
How to style interior accessories like a Pro

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