Just how do you think the most famous artworks get those unique titles that you just can’t get out of your head? And no, they are not dropped by angels in baskets on the highway or in a bottle by the shore.  Naming an artwork is actually a very delicate matter, more so because the name of a painting usually outlives the painting. Finding the perfect title for a finished or unfinished piece of artwork is a task many artists wish to delegate. But can it truly be delegated? 

Here are a few things artists consider when choosing a title for their paintings

  • Colors: oftentimes the shades of colors combined in the painting may suggest a title. Examples of such are Blue rain, The red dawn, Yellow sun girl, etc.
  • The rhythm of the painting; the design used to create the artwork or the painter’s style can sometimes suggest a title.
  • The subject or object of the painting can also suggest a title. These types of artworks are named based on what’s painted on the canvas and emotions or feelings reflected. For example The Lonely bear, Lady in the woods, Birds and prey, etc.
  • The inspiration behind the paintings. An artwork inspired by certain events, memory, or premonition. In such cases, said event suggests a title.
  • The venue featured in a painting often dictates a title. Sounds like stating the obvious, but a lot of successful artists have gotten away with this naming an artwork by the venue depicted in the painting.
Secret Behind Artwork Titles That Lasts Forever

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