There are several ways to achieve a more balanced state of mind. Recent studies in psychology suggest that having certain colors in your work or living space could greatly affect how you feel. Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious and can stir certain emotions in people. For people with sight, it is an essential tool because it has an impact on thoughts and behaviors. 

      One way to accomplish mental balance is through interior design and color remedy. Imbibing specific colors in your home or office will make you a happier person. Interior design changes the tone of your chosen space into a more mentally enhancing tone. Through the use of colors and shades that inspire specific reactions and emotions, interior decoration makes you have a more cheerful personality. Some examples of these colors are 

  • White; cleanliness, fresh and simple. Could also convey loneliness or the fullness of space. Rooms painted in white can seem spacious and empty, but friendly.
  • Purple represents wisdom, bravery, and spirituality. Because it’s an exotic color and not seen often, it triggers a ‘love it or ‘hate it’ reaction.
  • Black reeks of sophistication and harmony. Also black tend towards negativity. For example, people generally term a guy in black attire as the ‘bad guy’.
  • Red, as one of the most visible colors in the spectrum, next to yellow, is one of the most powerful colors. It’s also associated with danger, excitement, and energy. According to science, wearing red or being exposed to it, can cause increased heart rate and a spike in adrenaline

A professional interior decoration service channels different shades to set a mood in your space that best suits your personality, for enhanced mental stability.

Mental health; experience inner peace in your living room through color scheme

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