Picking a sofa for your living room is a delicate matter. Come to think of it, most of your decoration and design centers around this singular piece; the sofa. Your life at home, whether relaxing after a long day at work or hosting friends on the weekends revolves around your couch. So, before investing in that single piece or set of furniture, consider these tips from your favorite interior design professional. 

  • Consider your lifestyle; this is a great place to start. Think of why you need a sofa, how often you would use your sofa in your day-to-day activities. Some sofa designs are spacious enough to accommodate a family during families or friends on game night. If you have kids or pets, you should choose a stain-resistant design. However, if comfort is your goal, motion sofas are great for relaxation.
  • Match your furniture; you should aim to buy a sofa that suits the existing furniture in your home, at least your living room console, coffee table, and side chairs. A great sofa wouldn’t feel so great when it looks out of place. A contemporary interior decoration usually requires a more modern sofa design. Also, for some style, you could consider matching your sofa to your accent chairs.
  • Comfort; if you are buying a sofa for a formal area, you should get something with sturdy seats with less squeeze, that tends to remain in shape. For more comfort at home, go for more congenial seats.
  • Color code; it’s time for one of the biggest decisions you will make concerning your home interior look; the color of your sofa!. this little detail is everything and can go right in so many ways, from big statement colors to minimalistic and neutral shades. The trick is to pick a color that makes you comfortable, confident, and something you’ll still love in a few years’ time.
  • Size; extra-large sofas are made for places with widespread floor space, while smaller ones give a more cozy feel. Consider the space available in your living area with the most natural light. Most sofas can be ordered in specific sizes, just remember to pick a shape that suits your home and fits through your doorway. 

Whatever your preference is in furniture, If it’s comfortable, fits your space just fine, and you’d still choose it if you had to pick it all over again, it’s probably just right for you.

Sofa shopping? Tips To Pick A Couch That’s Meant For You

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